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Blacklace – XOXO

July 30, 2011

We all love hugs and kisses and Blacklace is covering us in them!

This is one of those sets that has it all. When you first look at XOXO you think “oh how pretty” and it is! Look again though…it isn’t just pretty, its jaw dropping sexy! From the sheer material that draws the eye …and hand…along sensual curves to the black lace trim that encourages soft kisses in all the right places, there isn’t anything that isn’t perfect about this set.

When it comes to XOXO everything is covered, well maybe not everything but just enough to keep your partner wanting to see what *isn’t* covered.

XOXO includes a silk slip top, silk panties and stockings with gloves all trimmed in black lace for one titillating combination! Also included is a ruffled black lace skirt and ruffled trim along the top. Dont forget the adorable bows on the garter cause Blacklace never forgets the details!

XOXO comes in five delicious pastel shades, soft and cool for  the warm summer months, and is transfer for gift giving!

Blacklace knows you want lots of hugs and kisses, so just grab a taxi to Blacklace for XOXO and next thing you know,  you’ll be getting all the hugs you want and  kisses here and there..and there…and there…



Blacklace – Harlequin – TOSL

July 30, 2011

This week Blacklace is giving us a new taste of sexy in SL!

Mariska  Simons has Harlequin in a limited edition color of cream and it will make you melt with its rich material, detail and color.

Harlequin is a story that begins as a single moment, a spark in your imagination. As the story unfolds, the spark grows into a glowing ember that finally erupts into a flame with each touch, each kiss.

Each Harlequin  story draws you in as the dark handsome stranger pursues you, his need and want equaled only by your own until finally you can resist no more. That moment…sometimes forceful, sometimes sweet – but in the end …you succumb. You have no choice.  

Harlequin is inviting with velvet and cream-colored lace, the material begging to be touched, the lace whispering to be traced with fingertips, the bows nudging to be untied with the playful nip of teeth. Included is a the bra, cincher, garter, and stockings all on different layers. Also included is the mask, adding to an aura of mystery!

Grab this limo to Blacklace for Harlequin, and write your own story!


Blacklace – Naughty Nurse – LOW

July 28, 2011

Baby, I’ll take care of you…and don’t worry, it will hurt really good!

Blacklace has a new set out for LOW, and just think of all the fun you will have playing Naughty Nurse.

Think about it…the patient, at your mercy, begging for you to make him feel better. He is hot, oh so hot, and aching. Barely able to speak, he can only moan as you tend to his needs. You, being the consummate professional, know immediately how to take care of that ache as you lean closer and whisper into his ear, “Just hold on, I will make you feel so good – I promise.”

Black mesh, with red satin trim, Naughty Nurse will make any patient feel better in a hurry. It includes a top with a cut out back, panties, and a garter and stockings. Also included is a ruffled tiny skirt that covers nothing, with red bows. Oh and what nurse can make her patient well without rubber gloves and a stethoscope!

Grab a limo to Blacklace for Naughty Nurse and dont be surprised to find your partner standing out in the rain, trying to get sick just so they can be brought back to health by a Naughty Nurse!


Blacklace – Bailey – LOW

July 23, 2011

Blacklace has a new set out for Blacklace Casuals this week for the LOW and it’s a hot one!

The dog days of summer are upon us, and the weather is scorching hot!  One way to look cool though is with Blacklace’s new LOW, Bailey!

Perfect for just hanging out, or going shopping. Add a sparkly cropped jacket and belt and hit the clubs at night for summer fun on the dance floor! 

Bailey includes black capri pants with a fold up cuff, and tiny little buttons on the side. The corset top is black satin with a teal inset covered in black lace and two little bows at the hem, right above the black ruffled flounce. Yeah, when youre out and about in Bailey, dont be surprised if the temperature rises just a bit!

Grab a taxi to Blacklace and dont miss out on all  this hotness for just 99L!



Blacklace – Ophelia

July 16, 2011

Blacklace presents a new stunning gown, Ophelia!

Ophelia is opulent, elegant, graceful and in true Blacklace fashion, always provocative.

The gown is topped with rich black lace that caresses the bodice while leaving the shoulders bare. You can also choose the opacity of the black lace, opting for everything from modest to oh-so-naughty! The skirt envelopes your body in a sea of red satin and falls to the floor in a crimson pool at your feet. The split skirt parts to expose your leg, from your thigh all the way down for that eye-popping appeal that Blacklace always offers. Ophelia also comes with gloves and on multiple layers and is of course transfer!

For the many occasions that nothing else will do except for exquisite beauty, there is Ophelia.

Limo to Blacklace for the dazzling Ophelia in one of your favorite colors!


Blacklace – Velvet Touch – TOSL

July 15, 2011

Blacklace has a new set out for TOSL this week, Velvet Touch. 

It’s only right that Blacklace gives us a taste of the luxury of velvet. Not just any velvet…but red velvet. Close your eyes and think of  the softness against your skin, of the rich material that wraps your body in elegance. Let your mind wander to the thoughts of fingertips grazing your flesh, searching for the ties that loosen the corset top…

Blacklace gives us that taste and so much more with Velvet Touch in red. This set includes the corset top trimmed in black lace and accented by black ties, black panties with a red velvet garter and black stockings and black opera length gloves.

Just one taste is never enough, is it? Dont worry, your partner will want more, a lot more…

Grab a taxi to Blacklace for Velvet Touch today!



Blacklace – XOXO – LOW

July 15, 2011

How adorable is this LOW set from Blacklace?

You get it all in XOXO; all pink and girly and feminine, then toss in smexy and hot and it’s all covered. Well, actually not everything is covered, but it’s all good because then the imagination wanders…*winks*.

XOXO includes a pink silk slip top, pink silk panties, pink silk stockings and gloves all trimmed in black lace for for one titillating combination! Also included is a fluffy black lace skirt and trim along the top.

Blacklace knows you want lots of hugs and kisses, so just grab a taxi to Blacklace for XOXO and next thing you know,  you’ll be getting all the hugs you want and  kisses here and there..and there…and there…




Blacklace – Hotter Nights Panty Pack – TOSL

July 8, 2011

Blacklace has another set out this week for TOSL. As the featured designer, Blacklace presents the Hotter Nights Panty Pack and it’s totally free if you’re in the TOSL group!!!

Heating up the nights has never been easier before.  The Hotter Nights Pack contains three..yes three..pairs of oh-so-delicious panties that will leave your partner hungry and hot!

No matter what your favorite is: pink and white, black and red or the adorable white with red kissy lips the pack will please!

Guaranteed to get a rise out of your partner, you just have to be careful cause after all, you don’t want the flames burning out of control during these Hotter Nights…or do you?

Grab a taxi to Blacklace for Hotter Nights and if you aren’t a member of TOSL hurry and join !



Blacklace – Summer Lovin’ – TOSL

July 8, 2011

Blacklace and Summer Lovin’. Ahhh, the perfect combination and this week you get a taste of summer with TOSL!

Blacklace gives us Summer Lovin’ with a hot lil’ mini in ripped denim matched with a pale pink corset top. Close your eyes and you can almost feel the sand between your toes, and taste the salt sea spray. The song plays in your mind..

“Summer lovin’, had me a blast
Summer lovin’, happened so fast
Met a girl crazy for me
Met a boy cute as can be
Summer days drifting away
To, uh oh, those summer nights”

Yeah! It’s time to flirt and have fun ’cause it’s summer and anything can happen…and it will when you’re out and about in Blacklace Casuals.

Grab this taxi to Blacklace for some Summer Lovin’!

Song Lyrics: Summer Lovin’  by Olivia Newton John and John Travolta, Grease



Blacklace – Flick – LOW

July 8, 2011

Blacklace offers Flick for this weeks LOW set.

 This provocative corset set comes with a body hugging sheer corset trimmed in purple that will caress every curve and titillate the senses with the hint of what doesn’t show. In addition, Flick includes panties, bra  and garters which are adorned with playful bows – perfect for that late night nibble and of course way sexy stockings. All this hotness comes on multiple layers AND transfers!

The woman who wears Flick is confident, alluring and she knows it. She doesn’t let anyone forget it either. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that. If you’ve got it – flaunt it! We always know we can depend on Blacklace to help us do just that!

Grab this taxi to Blacklace for this weeks LOW set, Flick.