Blacklace – Unforgettable – LOW

August 18, 2011

It’s time for this weeks LOW release and I know you remember this set – its Unforgettable! This time though, it’s in a limited edition color of black velvet and a pink so hot it sizzles!

Unforgettable is more than just a sexy corset set you know. What? You didn’t know it had another function? Well, let me tell you about it. It’s a childhood favorite that’s all grown up, and it’s called ‘Connect the Dots’! It really is self-explanatory; your partner follows all the dots and when they are all connected they get the prize! Yep, winner takes…well, um. You can figure that out for yourself, I’m sure!

Unforgettable includes a black velvet corset trimmed with black satin and pink polka dots. There are also long gloves with lace tops that match the skirt on the corset set, and garters with stockings.

Unforgettable comes on multiple layers, and is transferable.

Dont forget to run to Blacklace  for Unforgettable – and let the games begin!


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