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Blacklace – Elegance Group Gift

September 30, 2011

Blacklace has a new group gift out and oh my, how elegant!

Elegance is a classic bra and panty set, delicate in its design and sexy hot in its deportment.

The set includes a baby blue bra and panties, adorned in black lace and sheer black thigh high stockings also enriched with black lace.

All of  this and guess what? All you have to do is join the Blacklace Lingerie group in world, which is just 99L, and you will get at least one group gift a month. Elegance is the second gift that the generous Mariska Simons has given us, so hurry to join Blacklace Lingerie.

After all, we all want Elegance in our lives, especially when its this sexy!


Blacklace – Chastity

September 25, 2011

So demure, so innocent, the picture of modesty. Right yeah, so who is going to believe that?

Blacklace gives us Chastity, a sassy corset set designed to be anything but innocent! Chastity includes a black  satin corset embellished with vertical stripes on the bodice.  A ruffled edge along the bust line and also along the hem gives an added element of flirt! Chastity also comes with panties, garters and stockings – and an additional skirt option to give you one majorly hot mini-skirt!

With the additional skirt, you can wear Chastity out for the night, going anywhere you want to heat up the room, and when you come back home, well…need I say more? Chastity may not be very innocent, but you’ll sure have fun dispelling that myth!

Grab a limo and head to Blacklace and see if you can find your innocence all over again.


Blacklace Beauty – New Releases

September 24, 2011

Blacklace Beautyhas some new eyeshadows out and your eyes will pop with color and personality! Jazzy Pack 1 definitely gives your eyes some attitude and thats a good thing!

 If thats not enough, Blacklace Beauty has red lipsticks this week. Theres nothing like red lips to make a statement, and often that statement is, “I want you.” Tell me, who can resist?

Grab a taxi and get to Blacklace Beauty for all that jazzy color!





Blacklace – Boo – TOSL

September 24, 2011

Just a taste,  a little one…thats all you need, right?

Well of course, its time for TOSL, and Blacklace always delivers just exactly what you need!

This week, it’s a limited edition color of Boo and to change things up a bit some great jeans – with and without a belt. A cute outfit that you can add a jacket to, and head straight into fall!

I dont know, to me jeans and a limited edition corset are way more than a taste…its more like a thirst quenching long drink.

Grab a taxi and come check out Boo for yourself!




Blacklace – Immoral – LOW

September 22, 2011

Being Immoral has never been so much fun before, and you know Blacklace is behind it!

Certainly you aren’t surprised because Blacklace is always behind all the fun stuff that involves sexy lingerie and  this is no exception!

Immoral is a panty and bra set that includes black lace bra with optional hearts, but still leaves a peek of the goodies no matter which version you wear. Also included are black lace panties and black lace garter with seamed stockings.

Wanna know whats best? The bra doesn’t provide the only peek! For a short time Immoral is a pre-release and just this one wont be enough! After all, there’s a lot of fun to be had *winks*

Grab this limo to Blacklace for this weeks LOW





Blacklace Beauty – New Releases

September 20, 2011

Blacklace Beauty has some new stuffs out that’s gonna rock your look…and yes those eyelashes can be yours!

These gorgeous eyelashes come on the same layer as the glamour eyeshadows. Perfect shadows for perfect eyes, these is the second set released – so if you havent gotten the first set go to Blacklace Beauty and get all the new shadows!

Also this week Blacklace Beauty has new blushes out, soft and delicate…not ovestated.

To go with your new eyes and blush you need some lipgloss and Blacklace Beauty has it! All of us want kissable lips and who better to give them to us than Blacklace!


Can we say sultry, delectable and delicious?

We can and you can get it all at Blacklace Beauty, just grab this limo !







Blacklace – Boo

September 17, 2011

BOO!!! Oh, this isn’t the scary kind of Boo, so don’t worry!

This Boo will make your partner want to whisper something in your ear that might sound like Boo though, but really will be just heavy breathing.  There isn’t anything about Boo that wont ignite some heat. The bustline of the velvet corset will invite soft kisses, outlining the rise and swell of your breasts as the soft material encourages touches; lots of touches, here there and everywhere and um…what was I saying?

Boo includes a velvet corset that’s laced up the back, with panties and a bordello skirt. Just think of the roleplay…ooh lala! Also includes are gloves, garter and stockings and the promise of  a night of pure lust.

Hurry to Blacklace for Boo in one of your favorite colors!


Blacklace – Cha Cha – TOSL

September 17, 2011

Blacklace has a limited edition color of ChaCha out for the TOSL and the price will have you dancing all night!

A spicy corset set, ChaCha will get things going in no time no matter what moves you have in mind!

ChaCha includes a black and purple satin bra with ruching and a lavender satin girdle that will wrap around your body and add definition in all the right places. Also included are garters and color matched stockings with panties. Oh yeah, the panties! Totally sexy and your “asset” will never look hotter.

Everybody knows the ‘dance’  that comes with that spark, and the tease that takes your breath. With all that heat going on, dancing the ChaCha isn’t the only thing you’ll find yourself doing!

Limo to Blacklace and ChaCha.



Blacklace Beauty – New Release

September 10, 2011

Blacklace Beauty has released a new shape, Sophie!

Sophie is petite, but still with curves so you know shes all woman. She comes with pouty lips, which are perfectly kissable! Definitely ready to play – well ready for anything.

Dont forget that Blacklace Beauty has  out brand new eyeshadows, which are fabulously glamorous and an eye-shaper for more versatility in your look!

While youre there, be sure and check out Blacklace Love Affair, this weeks LOW!

Taxi to Blacklace






Blacklace Beauty – New Releases!!!!

September 9, 2011

Blacklace Beauty has a new eyeshadow/eyelash  pack out this week and its a ..well …beauty!

The Glamour pack consists of five new smoky shades with long eyelashes, giving you a sexy come-hither look without any fuss!

Ever had a skin that you loved but wished the eyes were just a bit different, or just want to change the look for a special outfit…or just to be unique? Yeah? Me too! Well, Blacklace Beauty has the answer in a new eye shaper. Not only do you get it with lashes, you get it without lashes as well!

It works perfectly, and as with all Blacklace Beauty products you will be smokin’ hot and ready to rock at whatever you do for work or fun.

Grab a taxi to Blacklace Beauty and check out these along with all the new products and shapes!