Blacklace – Diva – Limited Edition

October 8, 2011



There are witches, she-devils, ghosts and goblins. Creatures of the night all come out to dance in the moonlight, and then there is the most dangerous of all…the one that makes all the others step aside. That is the Diva from Blacklace.

Commanding and demanding, alluring and fiery – no one wishes to meet her wrath, only her favor.

Diva includes an orange corset trimmed in black lace, bra and panties as well as fishnet stockings. A skirt that  speaks volumes of her confidence, gloves and the hat are also included.  

This Diva rules over the night, and those that approach beware. Those that do not please her are banished into the night never to be seen again. Bring her pleasure and find out what a Blacklace Diva is capable of when at the bewitching hour.

Taxi to Blacklace to become the Diva you know you are.

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