Blacklace – Black Widow – Limited Edition

October 10, 2011

She looks so innocent doesn’t she? Look at her, such a sweet face. You feel for her don’t you, with her tear stained face and looking so all alone. Well let me give you a word of warning – they don’t call her the Black Widow for no reason.

She is a vixen, that one. No one has been able to resist the urge to have her for their own. They look into her eyes and that’s it. They feel nothing but desire nor do they care about the stories and trust me, there are plenty of them.

She devours men after she catches them in her web. At first they struggle to get free, but after a few days they lay exhausted and are unable to fight anymore and give in as she moves in for the kill.

Black Widow includes a latex top, panties gloves and spider web stockings.

Just remember if you  see the Black Widow, don’t look into her eyes. You must try to resist, even though you know…resistance is futile.

Limo to Blacklace




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