Blacklace – Rissa – Halloween Limited Edition

October 15, 2011

This is the season of magic, the fear of the unknown, and fight against succumbing to the irresistable. This includes Rissa from Blacklace, but unlike things that go bump in the night, there wont be a hint of danger.

She will catch your eye and the draw to her will be instant. It will be as though no one else exists. Your breath will catch in your chest and you must have her. You smile to yourself, thinking how she wont even know what happened, that she will be yours before she knows what happened.

You take her to the bedroom, and her dress falls to the floor, pooling around her feet. She looks at you – almost demurely. You draw a finger over the black lace of her corset set, over the soft swell of her breasts, and trail your finger down the orange satin corset while admiring her black satin panties, the orange garter and black stockings.

She is all you knew she would be and more and you find yourself falling for her. What you viewed as a single evening now becomes a desperation to be with her forever. You sink into her eyes, unable to help yourself as you tumble into the abyss.

Lost forever in her soul, she holds your very breath in her hand – and mesmerized by this Blacklace vixen – you’d have it no other way.

Grab this limo to Blacklace for Rissa




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