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Blacklace – Holiday Sexy Panty Pack – Group Gift

November 28, 2011

Blacklace Lingerie (the inworld group ONLY) has a new gift!

Ten pairs 0f holiday panties plus a white lacy cami  and fiveee golden rings..oh um…sorry got carried away.

Well you know these holiday panties are something to sing about.  No matter what style you like Blacklace has you uh..covered!  Included are boy shorts and lacy panties too! So get on your feet  and start dancing, wiggle those assets and let Santa know just how happy you are he’s coming!

Oh and did i forget to mention that they come in lights and darks both? Blacklace thinks of everything!

To get your group gift join the Blacklace Lingerie group and check the notices cause  you wont find these in the store!

To check out the holiday releases in the store grab this sleigh and check it all out!



Blacklace – Santa’s Baby

November 27, 2011

Blacklace gives us the first holiday release, Santa’s Baby!

Have you been a good girl this year? Good enough to be Santa’s Baby?

Santa will not only leave you extra goodies, he wont want to leave at all!  He will have visions of sugarplums…or something…dancing in his head when he finds you under the tree waiting for him! Better than a plate full of cookies for sure!

Santa’s Baby includes a red lace up corset that comes with and without a belt, and optional fur trim and black bows! Just check out the black lace boy shorts! How sexy is that? Seriously,talk about red cheeks! The most important thing of course is that adorable Santa’s hat!

So this year, wait under the tree for Santa and give him the gift he’s always wanted! After all, Santa deserves a good pressie too…and in Santa’s Baby you’re the BEST!

Grab a limo to Blacklace for Santa’s Baby


Blacklace – Sale!

November 25, 2011

Guess what! Blacklace is having a Black Friday sale – WOOT!

Just for today, ALL Blacklace giftcards are 25 PCT OFF! Now is the time to stock up for gift giving to your friends, significant others and the most important person – YOU!

The sale ends today at midnight so dont delay, grab your giftcard so you can make Santa extra happy Christmas Eve!

Grab a limo to Blacklace for your giftcards.


Blacklace – Lybra – Diamond is Mine Hunt

November 19, 2011

Are you looking at this and wondering if it’s really as hot as it seems?  Well, I have the answer – yes it is!  It’s leather and it’s from Mariska Simons and Blacklace so do you really have any doubt? 

Lybra consists of a purple leather bra, and cincher which can be worn together or separately. Also included are leather panties, garter and of course stockings. The leather is accentuated by studs and silver diamond encrusted buckles.

Any lady wearing this will sparkle like a diamond in the sun and that light will draw everyone to her like a moth to a flame. After all, she knows exactly what she wants, and how to get it and it’s a sure bet that any man seeing a woman in this is just hoping he’s the subject of her desire…

For more information on the Diamond is Mine 3 Hunt, check it out at

Grab a limo to Blacklace to find Lybra for the Diamond is Mine Hunt


Blacklace Beauty – Smokey Shadows and Lashes

November 19, 2011

Blacklace Beauty has a new release – Smokey Eye Shadows 2, with lashes because Blacklace Beauty knows that we can never get enough smokey eyes!

Your eyes will be all you’ve ever wanted them to be and more, smoldering and sensuous with long curly eyelashes that will be a vision all unto themselves.

Smokey Shadows comes in four new shades, each of which is perfect for the woman who is self-assured and knows that she is sexy…and yes, a true beauty!

Grab a limo to Blacklace Beauty, and make your outer beauty as stunning as your inner beauty!


Blacklace – Chastity – TOSL

November 19, 2011

All we want is a lick, just a little taste, right? Well, Blacklace has one for us in this weeks TOSL, Chastity!

Blacklace gives us Chastity, a sassy corset set in a limited edition color of pink. We all know pink is sweet and innocent but this set is designed to be anything but innocent! Chastity includes a black  satin corset embellished with vertical stripes on the bodice.  A ruffled edge along the bust line and also along the hem gives an added element of flirt! Chastity also comes with panties, garters and stockings – and an additional skirt option to give you one majorly hot mini-skirt!

With the additional skirt, you can wear Chastity out for the night, going anywhere you want to heat up the room, and when you come back home, well…need I say more? Chastity may not be very chaste, but you’ll sure have fun dispelling that myth!

Chastity may not be very innocent, but you’ll sure have fun dispelling that myth!

Grab a limo for Chastity and see if you can find your innocence all over again.



Alphamale – Menstuff Hunt!

November 14, 2011

Guess who is in the Menstuff hunt?!? Why, Alphamale of course!

As always Alphamale is involved with the Menstuff hunt, and is one of  this years sponsors!

No matter whether you’re already an Alphamale customer, or have yet to discover classic designs of Alphamale, this Menstuff gift is for you! Alphamale’s gift package consists of cotton briefs and swim trunks, a definite must have in any well-dressed mans wardrobe.

If you only do one hunt this season this is the one for you. With over 150 stores from all over the grid and over 30 exclusive gifts, Menstuff is the MUST have hunt for men’s wear.

Get more information, plus all the hints at :

In the meantime, grab this Limo to Alphamale for the Alphamale hunt gift!


Blacklace – Bow Sale!

November 10, 2011

Blacklace has a 50% off sale to celebrate the new store!  Look for the red bows on selected items for this great discount, but hurry because  the sale ends Sunday night at 11:59 pm SLT.  

Also don’t forget that with the opening of the new store, Alphamale and Blacklace have a brand new Gift Card system. If you possess any of the old cards,  just contact one of the CSRs shown on the boards in store and we’ll replace it with a new one for you.

Here’s your limo to the sale and all new store! Oh and don’t worry about not being able to find your favorite things cause guess what?!?  Theres also a brand new teleport board!


Blacklace – Serene

November 7, 2011

Fall is in the air, the leaves are bursting into a kaleidoscope of  autumn shades. There is a nip in the air that offers respite from the dog days of summer, and we are beginning to look to the holidays.

With that its time to put away the shorts, and halter dresses and lovingly unpack our sweaters – AND SHOP! WOOT!

Blacklace Casuals has the most absolutely perfect new autumn set, Serene.

Serene includes torn jeans that are destined to become one of your go-to’s. Also included is a tank top that is embellished with a delicate feminine lace at the hem…and the piece de resistance? A sweater! Not just any sweater though…its a sweater done Blacklace style.  That ladies means sexy and sends it straight to the  top of the  must have list! Off the shoulder, and slightly lifted on one side, it gives you that “look”. You know the one ..and if you dont…he will. It’s the look that says you are confident with yourself and never put on airs. Your beauty is natural, comes from within and that is the most sexy of all!

Serene comes in a multitude of colors so no matter what, you will be covered!

Also, don’t forget that selected sets of lingerie are 50 pct off, and you can spot them easily because they have big red bows on the vendor.

Want to use or buy a gift card? Check out our new gift card system with new features – you asked for it and you got it!

Grab a taxi to Blacklace and become the Serene beauty that you always knew you were.


Blacklace – Immoral

November 7, 2011

Being Immoral has never been so much fun before, and guess who is behind it and is leading all us innocent girls astray *winks*!

Certainly you aren’t surprised because Blacklace is always behind all the fun stuff that involves sexy lingerie and  this time is no exception!

Immoral is a panty and bra set that includes black lace bra with optional hearts, but still leaves a glimpse of the goodies – and that’s all that’s needed to start the fun is a tiny little peek. Also included are black lace panties and black lace garter with seamed stockings.

Wanna know whats best? Immoral comes in lots of colors and that’s a good thing because after all, there’s a lot of fun to be had!

Also, don’t forget that selected sets of lingerie are 50 pct off, and you can spot them easily because they have big red bows on the vendor.

Want to use or buy a gift card? Check out our new gift card system with new features – you asked for it and you got it!

Grab a taxi to Blacklace and discover the pleasures of the flesh from Immoral.