Blacklace – Lybra – Diamond is Mine Hunt

November 19, 2011

Are you looking at this and wondering if it’s really as hot as it seems?  Well, I have the answer – yes it is!  It’s leather and it’s from Mariska Simons and Blacklace so do you really have any doubt? 

Lybra consists of a purple leather bra, and cincher which can be worn together or separately. Also included are leather panties, garter and of course stockings. The leather is accentuated by studs and silver diamond encrusted buckles.

Any lady wearing this will sparkle like a diamond in the sun and that light will draw everyone to her like a moth to a flame. After all, she knows exactly what she wants, and how to get it and it’s a sure bet that any man seeing a woman in this is just hoping he’s the subject of her desire…

For more information on the Diamond is Mine 3 Hunt, check it out at http://sophiarossen.blogspot.com/

Grab a limo to Blacklace to find Lybra for the Diamond is Mine Hunt


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