Blacklace – Santa’s Baby

November 27, 2011

Blacklace gives us the first holiday release, Santa’s Baby!

Have you been a good girl this year? Good enough to be Santa’s Baby?

Santa will not only leave you extra goodies, he wont want to leave at all!  He will have visions of sugarplums…or something…dancing in his head when he finds you under the tree waiting for him! Better than a plate full of cookies for sure!

Santa’s Baby includes a red lace up corset that comes with and without a belt, and optional fur trim and black bows! Just check out the black lace boy shorts! How sexy is that? Seriously,talk about red cheeks! The most important thing of course is that adorable Santa’s hat!

So this year, wait under the tree for Santa and give him the gift he’s always wanted! After all, Santa deserves a good pressie too…and in Santa’s Baby you’re the BEST!

Grab a limo to Blacklace for Santa’s Baby


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