Blacklace – Amor

February 4, 2012

Blacklace presents Amor in new colors of love, perfect not only for Valentines. Everything about Amor embodies classic elegance and beauty while whispering of the sensuality that you will exude as you move about the room, be it the dance floor or mingling among an admiring crowd.

Amor includes a bodice that is embroidered with exquisite roses and laces in the back giving this lovely gown a bit of a sexy edge. Also included is the petal gown skirt that will gracefully follow your movement and when you stand, hangs perfectly as though you are standing in a bed of roses. Also included is an optional overlay skirt that  adds the detail that Mariska Simons and Blacklace is known for.

Naturally, if you wish you can wear Amor as lingerie. Amor includes the same exquisite bodice  as the gown,  a veritable garden of roses that will caress your skin with soft petals along with embroidered panties, garter and stockings. Details of bows and a skirt will enrich the experience of Amor.

No matter whether you choose the gown and lingerie or the lingerie alone, Amor is an experience you wont want to miss –  for love is always in season!

Take  the limo to Blacklace to find Amor.


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