Blacklace – Cupid

February 4, 2012

Tell me it gets cuter than this? You know it doesn’t and so will your man.

 Blacklace has re-released the Valentine limited edition Cupid for a short time so you dont want to wait – but when Cupid is this adorable why would you want to?

Designed for the those that love or wish to on Valentines, this is the perfect playful set to get that man’s attention!

Cupid comes with hot pink hearts splashed on a black satin that trimmed with the perfect amount of lace.

This set is composed of a bra, panties, garter and stockings  is a black belt with a pouch attached. For what? The arrows of course! Cupid doesn’t go anywhere without arrows! The one thing needed to make this perfect is wings, and yes! they are included. These are not just any wings I might add. These have antennae that are adorned by lil’ pink hearts!

This Valentines, it’s time to make that move on the one you love so  flutter your wings and get that arrow ready for Cupid..

Ready! Aim! Fire!

Grab a limo and make your way to Blacklace!


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