Blacklace Beauty – New Releases!

March 13, 2012

Blacklace Beauty has two new sets and you will be tickled  pink!

The Pink Pack is available at the Blacklace store, and all proceeds go to Fashion for Life which benefits the American Cancer Society.

Pink Pack

The Pink Pack includes five different shades of pink eyeshadows designed to bring a delicate blush to your face when you flutter those eyelashes.  Also included are two shades of pink lipstick, making your lips oh-so-kissable!

Vintage Pack

Also new this week is the Vintage pack. Nobody can dispute that the Hollywood starlets of the past didn’t have it going on in a big way! Think of Marilyn Monroe, and then try not to think of those luscious red lips and her trademark beauty mark. It just can’t be done! Now you can get your own Hollywood starlet looks with Blacklace Beauty Vintage pack that includes eyeshadow/liner, succulent red lips and that so-perfect beauty mark!

Grab a limo to Blacklace Beauty and support ACS and invoke your own version of Marilyn!



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