New from Blacklace

April 28, 2012

Unfortunately Taste of SL is suspended temporarily, so we thought we’d replace it with something of our own – TGIF @ Blacklace.  This may be temporary until ToSL comes back, or could be permanent if it’s popular, and will be something reduced every Friday to 99L.  It could be an existing outfit, it could be a preview of something new.  The items will be out in the same place as the ToSL to make them easy to find.  We will try to put something out every week, depending on workload/real life commitments  etc.

These are our TGIF @ Blacklace items for this week.

Delectable is a bra, panty & cincher set with prim ruffles, plus matching garter and stockings. All prims are modifiable via manual edit or scripted resize.

Blacklace Beauty has a set of 5 jewel shade eyeshadows, with and without black cat liner.

NEW from Blacklace is Coquette, a gorgeously girly lace dress in Standard Sized Mesh.  Two sets of colours are available,  a light ‘Flirt’ set of 11 colours and a dark ‘Seduction’ set of 9 colours.  PLEASE make sure you try a demo before you buy as mesh is NOT modifiable. Alpha layers are included.


Taxi to Blacklace

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