New From Blacklace & ToSL

May 25, 2012

Blacklace for Taste of SL this week has a new release – Charm.  Charm is a sexy turquoise paneled slip with a slit bottom on all layers, and a lace chest trim. Matching panties and prim hip bows are included. 99L this week only.  Prims are modifiable and scripted resize.

Blacklace Beauty offers vintage style face tattoo makeup for Taste of SL. This includes shadow with liner, matte red lipstick and a beauty spot all one one layer – perfect for single layer viewers such as Phoenix.  Optional partial layers of separate eye, lip, and beauty spot are included.

New from Blacklace is ‘Kiana’ a beautiful bridal gown consisting of a MESH embossed lace corset with back bow, and long split prim flexi skirt, short cocktail flexi skirt option,  and of course a full set of bridal lingerie.  Standard sizes, make sure you try a demo as mesh is NOT modifiable.  The regular prims are modifiable and script resize.  Also available is a standalone set of lingerie only.

New from Blacklace Beauty are 5 Cloud Eyeshadows, layers with and without black liner are included.  These can be worn alone, or combined for a more intense effect.

Taxi to Blacklace


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