Blacklace – USO – TOSL

June 29, 2012

This week Blacklace is rocking TOSL with not one but THREE lingerie sets that will have you cheering for the red white and blue!

First is USO, and includes a red white and blue mesh corset! Yes, mesh! It comes in 5 sizes with an alpha so need worries. It fits!. Also included are blue panties with garters, nude stockings and delicious long red gloves. Blacklace has also added an adorable red necktie which is of course optional.


Everybody knows there’s nothing that will make our faces light up like the reflection of Jewels glistening in our eyes, and this is sparkler is no exception.

A design of red jewels bedecking luscious satin will fit your body like a glove as the satin caresses each curve, and the sequins sparkle in the night.

Jewel comes as a blue bra and garter with white stars and blue stockings. Also included are red and white panties, and a red satin cincher.  Each set also includes sexy lil’  bows.

As always, Blacklace gives you everything you need to see stars!


Blacklace gives us yet another taste of sexy this week! The third set is the Salacious Corset for Vollers the Corset Company in red, plus a pair of cheeky red, white and blue panties.  

Also included are a pair of white capris with prim cuffs.

 Perfect for daytime, perfect for nighttime…anytime you wanna fan the flames of heat and make your partner stand up and salute!

Grab this taxi to Blacklace and grab your favorite TOSL, chances are that will be all three!


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