Blacklace – Tender Caress

July 14, 2012

Tender Caress *whimpers softly* is a new Blacklace release.

There are just no words to describe how exquisite Tender Caress is, well maybe beautiful, elegant, seductive, delicate, provocative, salacious, enticing, alluring, divine and…well, so I did come up with some words. Maybe I should have said  there arent enough words.

Tender Caress will kindle the fires in a sheer white lace set that includes a bra, panties, front lace up cincher and stockings.  Since its Blacklace there are always the details, and Tender Caress is adorned by small pink roses affixed to delicate bows.

No matter what you’re wearing, Tender Caress is a perfect match, from gentle caresses under jeans or a stunning evening gown. Well, really, I can only think of one time you’d really want to take it off, but then think how beautiful it will look  in the bedroom floor…

Taxi to Blacklace



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