Blacklace – Lybra – TGIF

August 6, 2012

Are you looking at this TGIF for this week from Blacklace and wondering if it’s really that hot? Well, I have the answer – yes it is!  It’s leather, and its from Blacklace so of course, what else would you expect?

Lybra consists of a leather bra, and cincher which can be worn together or separately. Also included are leather panties, garter and of course stockings. The leather is accentuated by studs and silver diamond encrusted buckles, and all this on mutltiple layers so you can mix and match as you wish. As if thats not enough, Blacklace is giving you two colors, both teal and teal with chocolate !

Any lady wearing Lybra knows what she wants, how to get it and heaven help the person that gets in her way. There will be no hesitation in her intent. Justice will be swift but always fair.

There is only one question that you need to ask yourself before you make your move on this Blacklace vixen.

Can you handle it?

Grab this limo to Blacklace for Lybra, this weeks TGIF.

TGIF is a Blacklace only offer, for when the store is not participating in any other weekly offers.


One comment

  1. Wow I love this teal color!

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