Blacklace – XOXO- TGIF

August 31, 2012

We all love hugs and kisses and Blacklace is covering us in them for this weeks TGIF!

This is one of those sets that has it all. When you first look at XOXO you think “oh how pretty” and it is! Look again though…it isn’t just pretty, its jaw dropping sexy! From the sheer material that draws the eye …and hand…along sensual curves to the black lace trim that encourages soft kisses in all the right places, there isn’t anything that isn’t perfect about this set.

When it comes to XOXO everything is covered, well maybe not everything but just enough to keep your partner wanting to see what *isn’t* covered.

XOXO includes a silk slip top, silk panties and stockings with gloves all trimmed in black lace for one titillating combination! Also included is a ruffled black lace skirt and ruffled trim along the top. Dont forget the adorable bows on the garter cause Blacklace never forgets the details!

Blacklace knows you want lots of hugs and kisses, so just grab a taxi to Blacklace for XOXO and next thing you know,  you’ll be getting all the hugs you want and  kisses here and there..and there…and there…



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