Blacklace – Pirate Vixen

October 5, 2012

It’s almost Halloween, and we all know that Blacklace knows what it takes to bewitch your victim…er date…for the evening.

Pirate Vixen comes with a mesh corset in two styles, a black micro skirt and thigh high stockings. Details of a sheathed dagger that rests against your thigh, an eye patch and hat make this outfit sizzle. Did I mention Pirate Vixen comes with boots? Yes, boots!

Tell me that any man wouldn’t throw himself on the mercy of this Pirate Vixen?

If I had to guess there might even be a bit of hopeful begging on his part as you hold him captive, held simply by smoldering sensuality coupled with sizzling desire. Go on, you know you want to do it, give him a push down the plank with your well-heeled foot. Dont worry though, when he falls it will just be for you!

Take a taxi to Blacklace and find your inner Pirate Vixen just in time for Halloween or some fun roleplay anytime!


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