Blacklace – Leave Your Hat On

October 19, 2012

Oh Baby, just name anything you want me to leave on or take off….

Blacklace always  knows just what we need, and need is the right word when it comes to Leave Your Hat On.

This set comes loaded with everything you need to heat up the night. It includes two versions of his shirt. Personally, I prefer the open version to show of the satin and lace bra and panty set with garters and stockings. You know you want more, so Blacklace has included a tie and fedora.

No man can ever resist a woman wearing his shirt, draped seductively on her body, moonlight glistening off her hair, highlighting her soft curves and after all, you don’t want him to resist and you don’t want to resist either. Put on his shirt, and hang on for the ride, cause tonight it’s gonna be a bumpy one!

Taxi to Blacklace



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