Blacklace – Sorority Girl

October 28, 2012

With Sorority Girl, it’s time to let out your inner brat to play and everybody knows Blacklace girls know how to play!

It’s time for school, and every well dressed girl will be wearing a skirt, shirt and tie and socks. What kind you ask? Well the kind that all good girls wear of course!  Sorority Girl includes a blue plaid skirt, blue plaid tie and white shirt and white lace-topped stockings with bows. Well okay the skirt might be a bit short and the top might be a bit open but that’s what makes Blacklace girls fun, right? Oh and don’t forget, mama always said wear nice white panties and just look…white panties with rows of lace and bra included.

Well you never know when a schoolgirl might warrant a bit of a paddling so you have to be ready for anything!

Want a sweater instead of a white shirt? Blacklace also has the Sorority Cardigan that can be worn instead of the white shirt.  The cardigan drapes off the shoulder, offering just a  peek of skin and a whole lot of lace. The tie, of course, makes any school girl look properly dressed with either the shirt or sweater!

The blue cardigan is sold separately, and can’t be worn over the shirt

Lingerie not included with the cardigan.

Grab the taxi to Blacklace to get ready for school…or to school the teacher *winks*


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