Blacklace – School Matron

November 9, 2012

Who says the old School Matron dont have it going on?

All the girls whisper about the old lady behind her back. The girls snicker as they bet the old lady hasn’t had a date in years cause no man would touch her.

Sure enough, they’d never notice the smouldering eyes behind her all-business eyewear. The full pouty lips would escape their attention. They’s never realize that her attire cover the voluptuous curves of a real woman.

You can bet the Head Master and teachers…at least the men… have  noticed. You can bet they watch her every move as she moves among the office and in the halls. You can bet they lean into her just a bit as she leans over them, going over the details of lesson plans and budgets and all those pesky thing that threaten to draw their attention from her scent,  from her soft skin as she touches them accidentally and her lilting laugh.

Head Matron oozes sexuality with the black or white lace shirt, that can be worn over an included black satin bra. Head Matron also includes a short black skirt and a set of lingerie for when its time to let her hair down.

Imagination is not included, but I bet you can find a willing teacher to help you along if you need it!

Taxi to Blacklace


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