Blacklace – Diane

December 23, 2012


Blacklace has a limited edition of Diane in red with gold snowflakes. Can you say hot!

Diane comes with light ruching and sequin trim at both the top and bottom of the bodice. The pleated skirt moves with your body perfectly.

Diane  is simple and yet very opulent at the same time. It is absolutely stunning because of one thing and that’s you…your body, your curves.  The material wraps around you, and caresses your shape.  It doesn’t just ‘fit’, it envelopes your shape in sensuality and gently reminds your partner to explore what lies beneath folds of satin material.  Elegance always speaks in demure tones, is always graceful and refined, and never shouts of animal pleasures, and Diane is certainly sophisticated.

Also included are a bra and panties, perfect for those nights that Diane doesnt quite make it back on the hangar in the closet because sometimes the most beautiful things end up on the floor of your bedroom.

Grab this taxi to Blacklace to find Diane for just 99L for a limited time!



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