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Blacklace – Love & Kisses – Group Gift

January 27, 2013


Love & Kisses is the January gift from the Blacklace Lingerie group. Lolas Tango appliers are included but it can be worn with or without. Wear your tag and pick it up at the store, or retrieve it for a short time from the  past notices of the group. The group is 99L to join but you get at least one gift per month, usually more.



Blacklace – New Lolas Tango Appliers!

January 26, 2013


Lola_rizzo_plum Lola_harlot_Red

Blacklace has released new appliers for the Lolas Tango in some of your favorite sets in all available colours!

New releases today are Harlot and Rizzo

For those of you who like the extra voluptuous look of Lolas Tango you’ll LOVE these Blacklace new releases!

Grab a taxi and hurry to Blacklace!


Blacklace – Revelry

January 20, 2013

Blacklace Revelry

It’s the first of the year, and it’s still time to party!

Revelry will take you from New Years on into the year and you dont have to worry about over-indulging – because you can have it all! Thats right, you dont have to choose, its all yours for the taking!

Now, besides the full line of Revelry, Blacklace has appliers for Lola’s Tangos, so you really CAN have everything your heart desires!


Grab a taxi to Blacklace for some Revelry and indulge in all the fun you can handle this year!


Blacklace – Immoral Lolas Tango Appliers

January 19, 2013


Being Immoral has never been so much fun before, and guess who is behind it and is leading all us innocent girls astray *winks*!

Certainly you aren’t surprised because Blacklace is always behind all the fun stuff that involves sexy lingerie and  this time is no exception!

Immoral is a panty and bra set that includes black lace bra with optional hearts, but still leaves a glimpse of the goodies – and that’s all that’s needed to start the fun is a tiny little peek. Also included are black lace panties and black lace garter with seamed stockings.

Wanna know whats best? Blacklace now has the appliers available for Lolas Tango, and in one of your favorite colors!


Grab a taxi today to Blacklace to pick up the appliers for Immoral because theres a lot of fun to be had  and you dont want to miss a second of it!



Blacklace – Delectable Lolas Tango Appliers

January 19, 2013

Blacklace Delectable

If you’re quiet you can hear it. Hear what, you ask? It’s the sound of sizzle coming from where you are when you wear Delectable.

Now Blacklace has Lolas Tango Appliers for that extra sizzle!

Delectable Appliers come in one of your favorite colors:


Grab a taxi today to Blacklace for Lola Tango Appliers to the oh so lacy and sensual Delectable!


Blacklace – Revealing Secrets – Lolas Tango Appliers

January 19, 2013


So many secrets to reveal, oh my…where to start?

How about Blacklaces’ Revealing Secrets because those are the most fun to discover.

Now, Blacklace has appliers out for Lolas Tango and you know theres nothing sexier, and nothing else to make you look more voluptuous.

Appliers come in the same great colors as  the sexy Revealing Secrets!


Just remember when there are secrets to be told, the best ones are discovered – not told, so let your partner reveal your secrets one at a time.

Grab a taxi to Blacklace today to get Revealing Secrets appliers for Lolas Tangos!


Blacklace – Kiana – TGIF

January 18, 2013

Blacklace Kiana TGIF

Red Hot! Hold on because Kiana will provide your weekend sizzle!

You will definitely hear some whimpers when you show up with Kiana, of course they wont be yours…at least not at first! This mesh corset with its opulent embroidered floral accent is breathtaking. Add to that the red panties, garter and stockings and you’re in for a night that you wont forget!

This set is a must have for your ‘come hither’ wardrobe and at 99L you just cant miss.

Grab a taxi to Blacklace for Kiana and grab it while its hot!