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Blacklace – Anna – TGIF

March 29, 2013


Blacklace has a new mesh chemise, Anna,  out for this weeks TGIF.

Anna includes a white slip with delicate embroidery around the hem and at the bustline.  Panties are also included with this stunning chemise.

Almost angelic in appearance, Anna inspires the most innocent of thoughts: soft white clouds, snuggly white baby blankets,  a dollop of whipped cream,  marshmallows , snowcones…the list is endless of so many sweet images

Just remember, while Anna may at first look innocent …its what doesn’t show that makes whoever is wearing Anna the most desired….

Grab a taxi to Blacklace for Anna



Blacklace – Zoey

March 29, 2013


There’s just something about this white satin bra and panty set all covered in white lace and trimmed in pink to help you find the sexy in Easter!

Zoey includes a bra, panty, garter and stockings. Oh, and certainly not one to ignore the details, Blacklace has bows, including the cutest bow I have ever seen that goes right on the derriere.  I mean the bow is cute! Well your derriere will be cute too with that flirty lil’ bow perched on your perky lil’  bum!

Even the staunchest non girly- girl will be hard-pressed not to relent and devour all this cuteness upon donning this outfit with the cute bunny ears and fluffy lil tail!

Additionally you can purchase Lola’s Tango Appliers to match Zoey in the Easter Edition!


Celebrate by taking a taxi to Blacklace


Blacklace – Spring Kisses – Easter Edition

March 29, 2013

Blacklace Spring Kisses - Easter Edition Set

This is what happened, and how it all started.

Keep in mind  though, I was innocent, I tell ya! It was all HIS fault.

Points accusingly at the Easter Bunny

I had specifically requested caramel eggs, but noooo. He wasn’t going to leave me a basket. Something stupid about me not being good.

HA! I’m very good, just ask…oh wait. Never mind.

Well, anyway, ALL I wanted was some Snickers Creme Eggs. I didn’t ask the old fart for much.

I dressed in my Blacklace Spring Kisses corset set because after all, I wanted to look good cause I wanted extra candy! So I waited and waited out in the cold. Finally! He hops around the corner of the house and we stare at each other.

I held out my hand and he twitched that stupid li’l pink nose at me and told me that I wasn’t getting any candy ..that I had been a bad bad girl. He said I had been a downright sl..! Well, you know what I mean.

I sure wasn’t gonna stand for THAT, so I grabbed him by his ears, tossed him to the ground and cuffed him to a tree. He kicked and screamed, and told me that he was going to tell Santa Claus that I was a bad girl. I laughed as I told him I’d had Santa in my back pocket ever since that one night under the Christmas tree. I stuffed his bow tie down his throat and with a smirk slapped a piece of duct tape over his disgustingly cute mouth and whiskers.

Then I sat back and leisurely rifled his basket for the good stuff.

Just then I heard someone coming! Quickly, I reached into the Blacklace bag and put on the ohh-so-cute bunny ears that come with the Easter edition of Spring Kisses. Finding a fluffy white tail in bag I put that on and proceeded to practice wiggling my nose and  shaking my tail (I seem to do well with the tail shaking..the nose wiggling is questionable).

Grabbing my pink Blacklace Easter Basket, I slipped away virtually unnoticed except for a few slack-jawed men grabbing their newspapers..

If you don’t get a visit from the Easter Bunny this year, it may be he didnt get untied in time, or I just decided to stash all the candy for myself!

I can prolly muster up a few jelly beans if you insist though…

Taxi to Blacklace Spring Garden for your own Easter adventures.


Blacklace – Material Girl – Easter Edition

March 29, 2013

Blacklace Material Girl -  Easter Edition Set

We all deserve and expect the best and that’s what Blacklace provided with Material Girl, a white teddy rich with sumptuous lavish pink lace.

The Easter Bunny wanted to do something special so he got Blacklace to offer all of us Material Girls something that he knew we’d love! Material Girl is a silk teddy that will caress your skin while hugging your curves in all the right places. Lace adorns the silk top and comes in a PG option as well as a not so innocent version while lace trim embellishes the bottom. Bows grace the thighs and cleavage making sure that all your assets are given their due attention *wink*

Oh and the Easter Bunny left something special with each set, pink ears and a cute pink tail perfect for wiggling! Well, you know he just loves  all of us Blacklace girls! I think it’s the wiggly tail and twitchy ears *wink*

Hurry to Blacklace for the Easter Edition of Material Girl!


Blacklace – Kirsty – TGIF

March 23, 2013

Blacklace Kirsty TGIF - Limited Edition

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine – you make my happy when skies are gray.

You’ll never know, dear, how much I love you – please don’t take my sunshine away.”

The flowers are peeking out, the grass is stretching to the sky and the sun is chasing away the gray doldrums of winter so why not be happy and sing about it – and this oh so sunny limited edition of Kirsty in bright sunny yellow!

Kirsty includes 2 styles of lace bra and panty, with a lace garter and stockings with lace tops.

It’s hard to look at this adorable set and not smile a bit at the hint of summer fun that’s on the way!

Grab this taxi to Blacklace and get Kirsty for 99L and leave with a smile on your lips and a song in your heart!  Tango appliers are also available for 59L


Blacklace – Gatita – zenshi Exclusive

March 22, 2013


The new exclusive at Blacklace, Gatita, may cause some side effects like a slight gasp, watering eyes and the slow licking of lips, and these are just from those observing you while you’re out partying the night away.

Gatita is a mesh mini dress in standard mesh sizes and is cut down to  “there”, with an animal print top and black skirt.

Perfect for dancing, you can almost imagine the animal in you taking over as the music pounds with you writhing to the beat and the musky wild heat grips your whole being. The purr becomes more insistent, louder as you and your date dance closer and the promise of the night heightens the anticipation

After all, all naughty kitties do love to run and play when moon comes up!

Just remember though, you can only get Gatita at Blacklace at AVENUE-zenshi, so grab this taxi before it’s time to come out and play!


Blacklace – Daphne, Maia Lolas Appliers for FFL!

March 15, 2013




Guess what!!!! Blacklace has released Lola’s Tango Appliers for Maia and Daphne which are FFL EXCLUSIVES! Just like the gorgeous exclusive sets, you can only find the Lola’s Tango Appliers at FASHION FOR LIFR!

If you dont have Maia and Daphne yet, then hurry because you dont want to miss them and these bra and panty sets will let your sensuality shine through, no matter whether you’re alone or with that special someone!

Blacklace at Fashion for Life


Blacklace – Shamrock – TGIF

March 15, 2013


Blacklace has a new set for TGIFT for St Patricks, Shamrock, and this one comes with instructions!

Instructions? For lingerie?

Why yes, because the white mesh corset comes adorned with green shamrocks and is trimmed with lacing. Also included are lace panties and thigh high stockings with lace tops.

Where does the instructions part come in? Well, just have your partner follow the shamrocks to know where to give all those tiny kisses for maximum effect!

Grab your taxi to Blacklace for your lessons in St Patricks Day!


Blacklace – Spring Flower – St Patricks Exclusive!

March 15, 2013


Blacklace is blooming with Spring Flowers!

Spring Flower is a stunning corset set that includes a cincher and panties, both embellished with delicate lace flowers and detailed scalloped edges. Also included  is a sheer bra, and garters with stockings all on multiple layers.

If there was ever a way to shake off the winter doldrums and ease your way into spring because just like the change in seasons, you’ll be changeable too, running from cool to hot at just a touch, Spring Flower is it. After all, there is nothing not to love in the way Spring Flower will decorate your body, and caress each and every one of your feminine curves.

Grab a limo to Blacklace, and pick your Spring Flower from the garden for a price of 99L.


Blacklace – Zoey – St Patricks Exclusive!

March 15, 2013


There’s just something about this green satin bra and panty set all covered in pale green lace to help you find the sexy in St. Patricks!

Zoey includes a bra, panty, garter and stockings. Oh, and certainly not one to ignore the details, Blacklace has bows, including the cutest bow I have ever seen that goes right on the derriere.  I mean the bow is cute! Well your derriere will be cute too with that flirty lil’ bow perched on your perky lil’  bum!

Even the staunchest non girly- girl will be hard-pressed not to relent upon donning this outfit…and that, dear Ladies, is one thing Blacklace does for us. It reminds us to celebrate all facets of being a woman!

Celebrate by taking a taxi to Blacklace where you can get Zoey for 99L and the matching appliers for only 49L!