Blacklace – Spring Kisses – Easter Edition

March 29, 2013

Blacklace Spring Kisses - Easter Edition Set

This is what happened, and how it all started.

Keep in mind  though, I was innocent, I tell ya! It was all HIS fault.

Points accusingly at the Easter Bunny

I had specifically requested caramel eggs, but noooo. He wasn’t going to leave me a basket. Something stupid about me not being good.

HA! I’m very good, just ask…oh wait. Never mind.

Well, anyway, ALL I wanted was some Snickers Creme Eggs. I didn’t ask the old fart for much.

I dressed in my Blacklace Spring Kisses corset set because after all, I wanted to look good cause I wanted extra candy! So I waited and waited out in the cold. Finally! He hops around the corner of the house and we stare at each other.

I held out my hand and he twitched that stupid li’l pink nose at me and told me that I wasn’t getting any candy ..that I had been a bad bad girl. He said I had been a downright sl..! Well, you know what I mean.

I sure wasn’t gonna stand for THAT, so I grabbed him by his ears, tossed him to the ground and cuffed him to a tree. He kicked and screamed, and told me that he was going to tell Santa Claus that I was a bad girl. I laughed as I told him I’d had Santa in my back pocket ever since that one night under the Christmas tree. I stuffed his bow tie down his throat and with a smirk slapped a piece of duct tape over his disgustingly cute mouth and whiskers.

Then I sat back and leisurely rifled his basket for the good stuff.

Just then I heard someone coming! Quickly, I reached into the Blacklace bag and put on the ohh-so-cute bunny ears that come with the Easter edition of Spring Kisses. Finding a fluffy white tail in bag I put that on and proceeded to practice wiggling my nose and  shaking my tail (I seem to do well with the tail shaking..the nose wiggling is questionable).

Grabbing my pink Blacklace Easter Basket, I slipped away virtually unnoticed except for a few slack-jawed men grabbing their newspapers..

If you don’t get a visit from the Easter Bunny this year, it may be he didnt get untied in time, or I just decided to stash all the candy for myself!

I can prolly muster up a few jelly beans if you insist though…

Taxi to Blacklace Spring Garden for your own Easter adventures.


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