Blacklace – Veronica

April 5, 2013

Blacklace Vendor_Veronica Main

Veronica is the latest Blacklace release, and the word beautiful doesn’t begin to do it justice.

Veronica includes a mesh underbust corset with a damask print on black satin. The detail in this material can only be appreciated up close…very close…very, very close if you get my drift. The bra comes in the same damask print, embossed on a colored satin background. Also included are mesh bows, panties and thigh high stockings with lace tops.

The only way to know just how exquisite this material is…is to touch it, to trace the raised floral satin under your fingers, to toy with the bows at your thighs..to feel the material as it wraps itself around your soft skin….satin on silk if you will…

This is definitely not a set you want to miss and since it comes in a multitude of colors, you’re bound to love one of the delicious colors,  if not all.

Grab a taxi to get the luxury of Veronica  – Taxi to Blacklace



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