Blacklace – LaFemme

April 12, 2013

Blacklace - La Femme

When you put on La Femme from Blacklace , you don’t even have to try to imagine, you can almost see the room as the acrid smoke and spilled whiskey assault your senses as the sound of clinking glasses coupled with burlesque music begins to swirl around your head. The girls begin to dance, hips swaying to the music, as the bodies move to the beat and the lace skirts swish tantalizingly ….

La Femme now comes in six colors!!!! It includes an underbust corset trimmed in black lace that barely laces together in the back with a satin bra trimmed in black lace. Also included are stockings and garter, with black panties with a delicate bow, all trimmed in your favorite color.

No matter what image you have in your mind, or the scene you want to play out…or the special person you want to tease…La Femme is perfect for that special time.

Also, there’s Lola’s Tango Appliers available in all six colors if you want to show off those extra assets *winks*.


Taxi to Blacklace


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