Blacklace – Daphne

April 26, 2013


Blacklace has released Daphne from FFL at the main store and in a variety of colors!

Perfect for wearing under your jeans, or under gowns for those amazing nights out, Maia will be a go-to set day after day. You can also wear it with Danae (not included) for a whole new look!

Daphne includes a bra, panties, garter and stockings in white, with your favorite color of trim in a floral pattern on the bra and edging on the panties and garter.

Taking Daphne from day to night is a breeze…even though the nights may be more fun!


fullset_2 - Daphne

Blacklace also has Lola’s Tango Appliers in all the colors!


You can also purchase Daphne in the FFL Exclusive of white and embellished gold embroidery for the next month in the Blacklace store, and all profits will go to FFL for the American Cancer Society.

Taxi to Blacklace


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