Blacklace – Sahara – TGIF

May 24, 2013


This week Blacklace is giving you an extra hot set for TGIF, Sahara!

Think of Sahara, I bet you think of the desert. Naturally, if you think of the desert then you think  of sand and cactus. I bet y rivuou also think of hot and humid, rivulets of sweat  trailing down tanned bodies,  the sun beating down….and uh…what was I talking about?

Oh yeah, that’s right, this weeks TGIF, sexy Sahara – a floral bra and panty set with bow trimmed stockings and a black satin cincher.

Just think, you will be the most beautiful cactus flower, and don t forget how flowers blossom when they gets wet…you know, with all that humidity!

Taxi to Blacklace



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