Blacklace – Kylie

June 28, 2013


Ahh summer! The time for shedding all those clothes, sunning yourself, relaxing and having fun. Naturally, summer also encompasses  everything that is so full of life and color  – and that includes Kylie, this weeks release!

Kylie is a gorgeous vintage, polka dot bustier trimmed in while lace, and guess what! You get all five colors for the price of one! Kylie includes the bustier which is mesh, and the panties which are also trimmed in lace.



Wanna dress it up for night-time? Maybe it’s just one of those times that you want to wear lace. Kylie is ready for romance with a lace bustier and panties.

Kylie is easy to dress up, and  easy to go casual. Either way you’re set for a great time, and in any of the five colors that suits your fancy!

Taxi to Blacklace


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