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Blacklace – Rousing – TGIF

July 19, 2013



Blacklace offers Rousing for this weeks TGIF, and tell me this doesn’t make you yearn a bit for the old days?

Rousing, with its pale rainbow tye dye colors will give retro a whole new meaning!

Rousing includes a mesh cincher trimmed in lace, a demi bra, lace panties and thigh high stockings with lace tops…everything you need to take sexy over the rainbow and straight to the clouds!

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Blacklace – Amor – Group Gift

July 19, 2013


Amor makes a statement of classic elegance  coupled with the sensuality that is Blacklace.

Amor includes the same exquisite bodice  as the gown,  a veritable garden of roses that will caress your skin with soft petals. The embroidered panties, garter and stockings will whisper of opulence. Details of bows and a skirt will enrich the experience of Amor.

This amazing set is an experience you wont want to miss –  for love is always in season!

Now,  you can get a limited edition of Amor from the inworld group of Blacklace Lingerie as a group gift!  Not only that, but Blacklace has included Lola’s Appliers for this amazing gift.

If you are not a member of Blacklace Lingerie, there is a 99L joining fee, but there is a group gift at least monthly, so it is well worth the small price. You can still get Amor from the group notices or in the Blacklace store!

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Blacklace – SUMMER SALE!

July 19, 2013


Blacklace is having a summer sale on some limited editions until Wednesday, July 24. You can purchase these stunning lingerie sets for only 99L!!!!


First up is Tender Caress in a stunning lilac shade, Lybra in a sexy brown and teal leather and Lascivious in beige and cream. Don’t forget Kiana in cotton candy pink, and deliciously devilish red, followed by Delectable in pink.

Kiana and Tender Caress all three have mesh parts that are standard sizing.

Hurry to Blacklace to get these amazing limited  editions for only 99L and don’t forget  that until JULY 21 at midnight, GIFT CARDS are 50 pct off!!!

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Blacklace – SUMMER SALE!!!

July 18, 2013


Blacklace, Blacklace Beauty and Lil’Lace are having a summer sale and ALL GIFTCARDS are 50 percent off!

You get twice the amount of money to spend on all your favorite outfits, lingerie and makeup with each giftcard you purchase!

This hot summer sale wont last for long, and will end July 21 at midnight SLT.

Make sure your nights sizzle with all the extra lingerie you can get, all the cool clothes and the delicious makeup!

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Blacklace – Primal

July 13, 2013


Blacklace has released Primal in different colors, and trust me – all of them will be your favorite!

Primal – raw, sexual, animalistic. Some of the words that remind us of who we are at our base. Sometimes we forget that, but Blacklace never does.

We are reminded that intrinsically, we are animals. We are prey, we are the hunters. We are primal.

Primal includes a bra, panties, garter,  mesh cincher and stockings – all in animal print and black lace. Also included are adornments of bows because Blacklace never forgets the details.

Sold separately are matching Lola’s Appliers.



Taxi to Blacklace to find your true nature…


Blacklace – Betty – TGIF

July 12, 2013


Come on surfin’ baby wait and see
Yes I’m gonna surfin take you surfin’
Come along surfin baby wait and see
Yes I’m gonna surfin’ take you surfin’

Summertime and its time to go hit the beach, and get wet!

Blacklace has new bathing suits for this weeks TGIF, and you’re gonna be stylin with these new suits and yes you get all four colors so no way you can go wrong!

Hurry into Blacklace and get some hot new suits and go out and hang ten!

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Blacklace – Rosette – zenshi gift

July 12, 2013

Blacklace-Vendor-Rosette (blog)

Blacklace presents Rosette, a sweet little dress, and its their gift to you just for being a member of the Avenue Magazine Readers group but only at the Blacklace  AVENUE-zenshi store.

Rosette has a pink tank top and a soft pink floral bottom. Perfect for those summer afternoons when all you can do is look breezy and cool on the hottest of days!

Grab a landmark to the AVENUE-zenshi store and pick this gift up today!


Blacklace – Duchess – TGIF

July 5, 2013



Blacklace presents Duchess for this weeks TGIF!

Delicate butterflies with fluttering wings adorn the lace trimmed bra, garter and panties.  Additionally, Duchess includes an optional cincher for mixing and matching to your heart’s content. Also you can count on Blacklace to add the special details such as the bows.

Even if you aren’t in line for the throne, Blacklace always makes you look and feel like a queen with the rich textures and perfect fit that caresses your curves perfectly.

Hurry to Blacklace to select Duchess because well, we Blacklace princesses like to dress like royalty!

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