Blacklace – Rissa – TGIF

August 9, 2013


This week’s TGIF is the sexy Rissa in purple!

Just what any bad girl needs to be good..or is that what any good girl needs to be bad?

Anyway you look at it, lingerie in leather and lace is what a lady wears when she wants to take it up as notch…and well..maybe not be such a lady!

Rissa includes a leather corset with black lace trim at the bustline and a flirty skirt at the thighs. Also included are panties, garters and stockings and of course on different layers. This way you can wear it as you want, or maybe tease your partner just a while longer and extend that striptease a bit *wink*.

With Rissa you’ll find a way to be sexy and be just a bit dangerous – and maybe that’s the best compliment you can get, cause who wants to be a lady all the time anyway!

You can purchase the matching Lola’s Tango Appliers for a special price also!


Hurry to Blacklace for this oh-so-sexy TGIF!


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