Blacklace Lounge @ Enchanted

May 14, 2016

Princesse Maia, now being shown at the Thumbelina event Enchantment Event, is a whimsical adventure in sensual fantasy wear. Available in five playful pastels, it comes with an all original mesh corset and skirt, a luscious peek-a-boo lace body suit for underneath, and a daisy flowered headdress and matching fairy wings. Along with the outfit’s Scandal Pack we’ve added in a fantastical five colored HUD for mix and match colors on your new headdress and wings!

System & Omega Hud for the lacy body suit. Mesh sizes include: Slink Physique/Hourglass and standard sizing. This set does fit most mesh bodies so try the demo!


Princesse-Maia-pink Princesse-Maia-Violet

There is an I Believe hunt going on for Enchantment group members as well and Blacklace Lounge has included additional colors of the peek-a-boo lace body suit in 6 flirty, summer colors for those who love to mix and match.



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