Alphamale & Blacklace is a joint design effort, by the designers “Yelmer Pfeffer” and “Mariska Simons”. Alphamale is a store for quality casual clothing for men, while Blacklace focuses on sexy lingerie for women.

Our philosophy is that couples, friends and family should be able to easily buy presents for eachother, and as such most of our designs are sold as transfer. We usually do not do custom work for customers, but can be convinced for a good cause or special situation.

Alphamale started out as a small store selling 5 boxershorts back in November 2007. After joining forces with Mariska, and designing this “ying yang” concept of a mall, it has gradually expanded. It now operates with several employes and outside advisors and is continuously getting more known among the masses.

We dont do a lot of satelist stores, and instead wish to focus on our main mall. However we are always intrested in good deals in good locations (like everyone else ;). If you got such a location and think we could draw synergies from eachother – Please feel free to contact us for a chat.

We also got an inhouse model agency set up. This is to formalize all the models we got working for us, as well as discover new talent. Anyone can apply to become a model for us, and we strive to vary looks. A good model for Blacklace lingerie, is not neccicarily the “run of the mill” skinny models. If you wish to apply as a model for our organization, please contact the current customer representative in the office in the mall. (marked as model agency) . The agency does not primarily hire out models, but use them for inhouse work or live representation.



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