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Blacklace – Spring Flower

March 31, 2010

Blacklace is blooming with Spring Flowers!

Spring Flower is a stunning corset set that includes a cincher and panties, both embellished with delicate lace flowers and detailed scalloped edges. Also included  is a sheer bra, and garters with stockings all on multiple layers. As an extra bonus, Blacklace has added a jaunty top hat with a veil made of netting.

In addition, Bratty Slade of Aluinn has created  jewelry in shades to match Spring Flower.

If there was ever a way to start off a summer romance in style, this is it, because there is nothing not to love in the way Spring Flower will decorate your body, and caress every feminine curve.

Grab a limo to Blacklace, and pick your Spring Flower from the garden.


Blacklace – Lil’Lace Easter

March 31, 2010

It’s that time to get all dressed up for the Easter Bunny and it never hurts to look all smexed up cause you never know, that might entice the big guy into leaving extra chocolate!

With Lillace Artis designs at Lil’Lace, which can currently be found at Blacklace, this short flirtatious dress in pastel colors with bold lacing in the front and black will be a must have for the hot summer months!

Dont wait for the heat to rise, though, because this is a Limited Edition so hurry to Blacklace for Lil’Lace.

Grab your taxi here to the Blacklace spring garden.


Blacklace – Crush

March 30, 2010

Blacklace presents Crush, a light camisole designed to celebrate spring and all that is new!

Crush comes with a bra top and panties, with a mesh panel sure to draw an eye to your nearly bare skin. Crush, which can be worn with or without bows has endless possibilities.

You can wear it under your power business suit, because after all no matter how tough you have to be in the boardroom, underneath you’re still all woman. Maybe its a casual day at home, so try Crush with jeans, and his shirt over it, tied in a knot at the waist.

 Tell me what man could resist that?

Maybe its time to cuddle up at night while you watch tv, the curtains billowing from a soft breeze as you hear the birds coo their own love songs in the distance..and undoubtedly the  purr that will emanate from your partner because he just wont be able to resist you, and why would you want him to?

Crush comes in all your favorite spring colors and in lots of layers, so grab a taxi to Blacklace’s spring garden today.


Blacklace – Spring Kisses Easter Edition

March 30, 2010

This is what happened, and how it all started.

Keep in mind  though, I was innocent, I tell ya! It was all HIS fault.

Points accusingly at the Easter Bunny

I had specifically requested caramel eggs, but noooo. He wasn’t going to leave me a basket. Something stupid about me not being good.

HA! I’m very good, just ask…oh wait. Never mind.

Well, anyway, ALL I wanted was some Snickers Creme Eggs. I didn’t ask the old fart for much. 

I dressed in my Blacklace Spring Kisses corset set because after all, I wanted to look good cause I wanted extra candy! So I waited and waited out in the cold. Finally! He hops around the corner of the house and we stare at each other.

I held out my hand and he twitched that stupid li’l pink nose at me and told me that I wasn’t getting any candy ..that I had been a bad bad girl. He said I had been a downright sl..! Well, you know what I mean.

I sure wasn’t gonna stand for THAT, so I grabbed him by his ears, tossed him to the ground and cuffed him to a tree. He kicked and screamed, and told me that he was going to tell Santa Claus that I was a bad girl. I laughed as I told him I’d had Santa in my back pocket ever since that one night under the Christmas tree. I stuffed his bow tie down his throat and with a smirk slapped a piece of duct tape over his disgustingly cute mouth and whiskers.

Then I sat back and leisurely rifled his basket for the good stuff.

Just then I heard someone coming! Quickly, I reached into the Blacklace bag and put on the ohh-so-cute bunny ears that come with the Easter edition of Spring Kisses. Finding a fluffy white tail in bag I put that on and proceeded to practice wiggling my nose and  shaking my tail (I seem to do well with the tail shaking..the nose wiggling is questionable).

There was nothing left to do, I assumed the Easter Bunny’s identity and hopped off over the hill dragging my pink Blacklace Easter Basket.

If you don’t get a visit from the Easter Bunny this year, it may be that I just missed your house, or I’ve stashed all the Reese’s Eggs for next year.

I can prolly muster up a few jelly beans if you insist though…

Taxi to Blacklace Spring Garden for your own Easter adventures.



Blacklace – Sexy Spring Gift

March 30, 2010

Spring is upon us and Blacklace is taking us into warmer days and hot nights with new spring releases! To celebrate, Blacklace has a new gift for us.

You will positively blossom with this floral bra and thong panties. Lovely delicate spring flowers accentuate the champagne color satin that is guaranteed to kiss your skin with softness.

In the mood for playfulness? Attach the champagne lace babydoll and let the games begin!

A smexy must have for your wardrobe, that you literally can’t afford to miss, because all this is Blacklace’s  gift to you.

Grab this taxi and find the sexy spring gift in the Blacklace spring garden!


Alphamale – Tee Shirts

March 20, 2010

Alphamale has a new release, just in time for warm weather. These  awesome Tee Shirts are guaranteed to be your favorites this spring and summer!

I mean think about it. Not much is sexier than a guy wearing a great pair of jeans and sporting a sexy tee stretched over broad shoulders. Add a cool breeze wafting through the air on a steamy summers night, and you and your partner stretched out on the hammock under the stars and you have the perfect night for romance.


Also, no matter what your favorite color is, Alphamale is bound to have it covered because these classic tees come in over 30 variations. Yes..I said 30!  You like solids? Alphamale has them. You like patterns? Alphamale has them!

In addition, they come on all shirt layers, so if you want to wear a hot denim jacket over your tee, you wont have any problems.

Grab a taxi to Alphamale to grab one…or a bunch..of tee shirts today!


Alphamale – Leather Jacket and Leather Jacket Set

March 18, 2010

Alphamale presents a brand new black Leather Jacket, and they have hit the nail on the head when it comes to perfection.

There is nothing hotter than a man in a leather jacket, bar none.  This jacket is no exception with its awesome texture and perfect fit, courtesy of an easy to use resize script.

The jacket comes with mod prims, and as always you can transfer it for gift giving for a special occasion but seriously, do we need any reason other than just cause its a hot jacket? 

You can also get the Leather Jacket in a set that includes a black shirt with  a pair of formal black trousers. That’s not all though, because included is a Leather Jacket without the black shirt collar as well as one with the collar so you can wear it whichever way you want, with or without the shirt.

No matter which way you go, it’s going to be uber sexy and any man wearing this set is going to be the subject of some steamy dreams, both day and night.
Grab a taxi to Alphamale and get your Leather Jacket or Leather Jacket Set today!


Blacklace – St Patrick’s Day Sale!

March 13, 2010

What more proof could you want when it comes to the luck of the Irish?

Thats right,  we’ve discovered that elusive pot of gold and it’s at Blacklace!

Blacklace is having a sale, and on March 13 – March 14, everything green is 50 percent off!

This is your opportunity to stock up on everything it takes to create nights of sweet romance wafting on the gentle breezes of love all the way to sizzling hot passion that erupts in a  frenzy know. If you don’t just come to Blacklace for the sale, wear it for your partner and find out. *smiles*

Oh and don’t forget! Kiss me, I’m Irish!

Grab your taxi to Blacklace, and find your luck!. While you’re there be sure to wander the Blacklace Magical Forest.


Alphamale – Pot-O-Gold

March 11, 2010

Alphamale is in the holiday spirit and has something for the guys for St. Patrick’s Day!

Pot -O-Gold is a tailored suit in emerald green, matching pants and a lime checkered shirt.  To top off this look, is the traditional green top hat to bring out the luck of the Irish in your Alphamale. 

The ladies love thier men in fitted classic clothing, with the way a suit accentuates a mans shoulders, and lower back. The way his flat stomach and narrow waist  practically demands that she slide her arms around him and…uh..what was I saying? Ohhh yeah, the suit and the way it fits. The prims are mod and that gives you ever more an opportunity to make fit your body perfectly.

If that’s not enough then remember, everybody is Irish right now, and you don’t want to miss out on all the opportunities for those kisses from lovely ‘Irish’ lasses, so grab this limited edition while you can!

Grab your taxi to Alphamale and grab your Pot-of-Gold!


Blacklace – LilLace Peench

March 10, 2010

Blacklace is bursting with shamrocks for St Patrick’s Day!

Newness abounds with the introduction of a new store, LilLace, that is coming soon.  Designs are by Blacklace’s own Vanity Vaniva and Peench, which is  her introductory design, is also a St Patricks limited edition and can be purchased at Blacklace!

Peench is a cute lil’  shirt adorned by a shamrock, and includes not only a shirt, but jeans as well!

Drop by Blacklace and check out Peench by LilLace for yourself at the Blacklace Magic Forest.

Grab your taxi to Blacklace here.