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Blacklace – USO Girl

June 28, 2013


This week Blacklace is rocking Independence Day in the US, but  this will have everyone cheering for red white and blue!

USO Girl includes a red white and blue mesh corset with blue panties and garters, nude stockings and delicious long red gloves. Blacklace has also added an adorable red necktie which is of course optional.

If you celebrate July 4th, or just like the colors, USO Girl will create the fireworks that you want!

USO Girl is being offered for a limited time, so grab a taxi to Blacklace and make your own sparks!


Blacklace – Kylie

June 28, 2013


Ahh summer! The time for shedding all those clothes, sunning yourself, relaxing and having fun. Naturally, summer also encompasses  everything that is so full of life and color  – and that includes Kylie, this weeks release!

Kylie is a gorgeous vintage, polka dot bustier trimmed in while lace, and guess what! You get all five colors for the price of one! Kylie includes the bustier which is mesh, and the panties which are also trimmed in lace.



Wanna dress it up for night-time? Maybe it’s just one of those times that you want to wear lace. Kylie is ready for romance with a lace bustier and panties.

Kylie is easy to dress up, and  easy to go casual. Either way you’re set for a great time, and in any of the five colors that suits your fancy!

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Blacklace – Primal – TGIF

June 28, 2013


Primal is this week’s TGIF

Primal – raw, sexual, animalistic. Some of the words that remind us of who we are at our base. Sometimes we forget that, but Blacklace never does.

We are reminded that intrinsically, we are animals. We are prey, we are the hunters. We are primal.

Primal includes a bra, panties, garter,  mesh cincher and stockings – all in animal print and black lace. Also included are adornments of bows because Blacklace never forgets the details.

Sold separately are matching Lola’s Appliers.


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Blacklace – Salacious

June 28, 2013


Blacklace gives us yet another taste of sexy this week! The third set is the Salacious Corset for Vollers the Corset Company in red, plus a pair of cheeky red, white and blue panties.

Also included are a pair of white capris with prim cuffs.

Perfect for daytime, perfect for night-time…anytime you wanna fan the flames of heat and make your partner stand up and salute!

Since Blacklace always gives us what we want, Lola’s Appliers are also for sale separately!


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Blacklace – Jewel

June 28, 2013


Everybody knows there’s nothing that will make our faces light up like the reflection of Jewels glistening in our eyes, and this is sparkler is no exception.

A design of red jewels bedecking luscious satin will fit your body like a glove as the satin caresses each curve, and the sequins sparkle in the night.

Jewel comes as a blue bra and garter with white stars and blue stockings. Also included are red and white panties, and a red satin cincher.  Each set also includes sexy lil’  bows.

As always, Blacklace offers you everything you could possibly want, so Lola’s Appliers are for sale separately!


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Blacklace – Devoted

June 22, 2013

Blacklace - Devoted

Blacklace has another new release today, Devoted.

Devoted is a way sexy mesh underbust corset that is available in nine colors and comes with lacy little panties that probably wont be on too long *wink*.

Want to  um raise the bar so to speak? Devoted comes with optional pasties for an additional tease, or when you just want to play ‘demure’.

Aside from pasties on regular layers, Blacklace has also included pasties for Lola’s Tangos! Just think of the possibilities!

Think about it though,  there are so many ways to wear this corset and pasties, so hurry to get this versatile set!

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Blacklace – Devotion

June 21, 2013


Blacklace - Devotion

Blacklace has a new release which will inspire Devotion!

Devotion is the perfect example of why we ladies are devoted to Blacklace! This corset set includes a blue bra, garter and panties that are adorned with little black polka dots, perfect for a night-time version of “connect the dots” that is anything but G-rated! Also included is a black cincher that comes in mesh in standard sizing. Never one to forget the details, Blacklace has included the stockings and adorable little bows!

Lola’s Applier are also available separately.

Devotion is a gorgeous corset set that will leave your significant other devoted to you, and a reminder of why men are so devoted to Blacklace too!

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