Blacklace – Incorrigible – TOSL and TOSL Hunt

June 15, 2012

Blacklace just loves those tasty lil nibbles and has one for this weeks TOSL.

Incorrigible is going to be one of your favorite go-to little black dresses.  This mesh dress comes with a whole lotta flirt with the strapless top and short skirt that will make your legs look like they go on for miles. Want to wow with sweet feminine charm? Incorrigible has that too with the skirt and its dainty lace overlay.

No matter how you play it, this gorgeous little dress goes right along with you. Wanna play it both ways, flirty and feminine? Well that’s what makes you Incorrigible.

Incorrigible is more than the name of the dress you know…it’s a state of mind.



Naturally, Blacklace is participating in the TOSL hunt that starts at midnight SLT and you’ll want to run to Blacklace to grab this beauty! Promise…it’s one  you will love and it’s in a romantic shade of rose.


Promise with its’ rich lace design comes on multiple layers so you can wear it your way and includes thong panties, satin stockings, oh-so-cute bows that adorn the garter and a flirty ruffled skirt.

This set will inspire a lot of promises to be made in the heat of the moment, and  this sweetly wicked set will help you and your partner make good on every one of them, I Promise!

Taxi to Blacklace

Taxi to Blacklace on Marketplace


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